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The greatest question of all: "Who Are We?"

We are real people, a real family, that camps, hunts and fishes right here in our own great state of California. Sure we go elsewhere, who wouldn't want to hunt elk in Colorado or fish for halibut in Alaska. We've done that to!! Such a cool experience for us.  And we would love to share these "how-to's" and "where to go's" with other outdoor enthusiasts, both the new guy and the avid outdoor-goer.

Our hope is to share our story and inspire others to Get Outdoors & Live.  There is so much out there to explore whether you are hunting or just hiking.  Stay tuned for our updates and share your story.  The more we work together, the better the next generation will be prepared to enjoy the land and resources around us.  We also eat wild by enjoying what we hunt or fish; and recently we planted our garden to add our vegetables, fruits and herbs to that list.    

We look forward to sharing who we are, and getting to know who you are too!