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6-pack Charters

Half Day trips are 6 hours and run from 6am - 12pm or 1pm - 7pm $900
3/4 Day trips are 12 hours and run from 6am - 6pm $1900
Overnight trips are 21 hours and run from 9pm - 6pm $2900
Day and a Half trips are 33 hours and run from 9pm - 6am $4200
Two Day trips are 45 hours and run from 9pm - 6pm $5600
Two and a Half Day trips are 57 hours and run from 9pm - 6am $6400
Three Day trips are 69 hours and run from 9pm - 6pm $7600

Cruising Speed: 8-12 knots
Pricing is to charter the whole boat for up to 6 fisherman



Fishing Charters

Fishing on small 4-pack and 6-pack boats can be a great experience. What better than to only fish with a hand full of people, think three to six fishermen only! Even if there is one or two new guys they will still get more one on one attention.  This helps them learn how to fish, and you might learn a new trick or too. Plus you know beginner's luck is always good, just like that yellow fruit is always bad. On a serious note, with less people the crew can spend more time teaching you and explaining what is going on. 

Let's not discount the larger charter boats. These can get you out to areas that the smaller boats sometimes can't. Not to mention they have more room to lengthen you trip at sea. However, deckhands have many jobs to do and they don't normally time to spend with each person on the boat. So we recommend this for those that have a little experience under their belt or a buddy willing to share the tips and get them hooked up on the water.

Things to consider when picking a charter are the amount of time you want to spend. They have 1/2 day, full day, 1-1/2 day, and even 5 or 10 day trips.  Keep in mind that on a lot of trips you are fishing from sun up to sun down. 

The most important thing is be ready to fish hard, the catch doesn't come easy.  Listen to your captain, deckhands and take note of your fellow fisherman.  It's all about just getting outdoors and spending some time doing the things we love! 

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