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Hunting private land solves two very big problems for land owners and for outdoorsmen.  For the land owners, it provides a wide range of land management opportunities, posting and patrolling of properties.  For the responsible outdoorsmen it offers well over 100 private ranches for hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. Land owners love that every person is screened before they are allowed on any of the private ranches. As the population grows and developments continues, public land become increasingly overcrowded and over used, pushing more and more wild game onto private land.  

We currently have access to private land throughout California and Oregon.  There are 34 in Northern California, 20 in Central California, and 17 in Southern California.
•    Big Game- We have (43) big game hunting properties for deer, pig, antelope and bear.
•    Bird - We have (61) bird hunting properties for dove, quail, ducks pheasant and turkeys. 
•    Fish- We have (19) freshwater fishing properties for trout, bass, crappie, blue gill, catfish, striped bass, salmon, and steel-head.   
•    Varmint - We have (66) varmint hunting properties.  
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Self Guided Hunts:Over 40 private ranches that offer the experienced hunter an opportunity to access private land without the added costs of an outfitter or guide service. We have access to over 40 big game ranches with over 250,000+ acres in California. Opportunities include blacktail and mule deer, wild boar or pig, elk, bear, bison, ground squirrels, coyote, varmint, predator and antelope. Opportunities available for rifle or handgun and archery hunting, some ranches are 100% archery with no rifles even in the general season.

Self Guided Fishing: Over 20 private waterways that have little to no public access.  Trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, catfish, steelhead and salmon are all on the freshwater menu. Special coastal access to rockfish and abalone is also available.  Properties offer the experienced fishermen an opportunity to access private waterways with NO PUBLIC ACCESS. We work with one of the largest private waterways manager in the western United States. Giving you access to some of the best fishing like White River, Williamson Rivers, upper and lower Fall River, upper and lower Hat Creek, John Day, Coquille, Garcia Rivers, and many more. 

Access for Camping: Camping as it was meant to be. All of the properties have camping, but this is not your RV Park with concrete everywhere. Each property has undeveloped camping locations in a relatively flat area normally with trees for shade and in an area that is pleasing to the eye. Here one can camp and enjoy the good old outdoors without a few hundred people that you don’t know. Properties are well kept with the old rule of you bring in you take it out. There is zero tolerance for people that disrespect the land. Most of all of the properties are accessible with trailers and RV’s but some of them are remote that do not be allow RV’s. All of our properties are locked and gated. 
Our private land is mostly in California and Oregon, but does have some great opportunities and many other states like Colorado and Wyoming. We try to provide as much information as possible about what type of hunts you can do here on our website, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, put us to work for you we love looking for property and to move into new areas.  Also be sure to contact us with any questions on planning your next hunting experience.